Monday, March 31, 2014


I'm jumping out of the basement for a post... Probably about a year ago, we decided that we had had enough of our Ikea Malm bed that we picked up for our first apartment together back in college. At the time, it was a huge price tag for us, but we needed a bed. With our move into the house, it became more and more apparent that we weren't huge fans. The frame is actually pretty bulky and has VERY pointy corners. So pointy that they have produced blood a couple times and even more bruises. It was also just really low and really hard to change the fitted sheet (it required two people for our crazy mattress).

So, we abandoned the Malm and just got a regular, plain metal frame. We stored the Malm frame downstairs thinking that maybe we would use it in another room once the basement was finished. We decided to try and sell it at my mom's garage sale last year. Unfortunately, it was SO humid outside, all the veneer started peeling off and it ended up making a trip to the dump (we would have donated if it hadn't sold and done that).

Above is how our bed has been for probably over a year. The metal frame also allowed us to be able to store containers under the bed (you can see one peeking out at the end that didn't get pushed in all the way) for off season clothing, which is extremely helpful with our very limited closet space.

We had planned on trying to make our own upholstered headboard. I even thought about adding (and still could) some wood framing to the outside of the metal frame and even switching out the legs (or adding fake ones that show). Target has sales on their online stuff a lot. And I definitely get all of the emails, so I always check the headboard section just in case. I've also been perusing other stores and for headboards. Really, I would have like a nice mid century one, but the queen ones are SO hard to find and what I did find, I usually wasn't fast enough.

One day, not so long ago, one of those fabulous "up to 20% off furniture" emails from Target produced probably the perfect upholstered headboard for us.  |  Solid Upholstered Headboards

Really, my criteria was that it was actually white and that it wasn't super expensive. I also preferred if it wasn't some really weird material. This fit the bill, so I ordered and patiently awaited its arrival...

It came and I unboxed it. Sadly, it lost some hardware in shipping, but it wasn't anything we couldn't fix with all that we have on hand. We bolted the legs on the put it up by the bed... and it was way to tall. Like there was a good 6+ inches between the top of our mattress and the bottom of the headboard. It looked bad. Sadly, there is no photographic evidence of how ridiculous it looked...

I went into problem solving mode. The headboard itself is actually pretty light. says it weighs under 25lbs. After not very much thinking... I thought "why not just hang it on the wall?" And that is exactly what we did. We ordered a Hangman French Cleat from It says it holds up to 200 lbs, so that wouldn't be an issue.

It came, we put it up, and now we have a headboard! It was insanely easy (probably because I didn't do it... :D ) and came with clear directions and a level for easy install.

I have some things to figure out since the Ikea Ung Drill would look funny being so high up above the bed now... And I think I'm done with that lamp... I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve, but I still have somethings to figure out.

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