Monday, March 24, 2014

Basement: Mudding & Taping.

Mudding & taping... messiest thing ever. Well, probably not really ever, but you get it... It took almost a week for this part of the process. The guy our contractor uses came in first on a Wednesday. He was here for about 11 hours... He did leave a couple times during the day, once for lunch and once to make a quick Home Depot run. I got the impression that it was a really long day for him though. He basically just got the first "coat" done on everything.

Somehow, I only have that image of the process. There was a lot going on that week and I guess I never took the time to really take any photos. This was after the second time he was over.

Since we had him there already we also had him fix up a few things... like that door frame area in the kitchen by the back door that I recently ripped out. I also had him patch up behind our bathroom light fixture, because the wall was all messed up from the old fixture and we had never gotten around to fix it. Unfortunately, I don't have a before picture of that. Well, technically I do, but it didn't show in photos.

He came back again on Friday to do another round. He was there again on Sunday to do the ceiling. We went with a drop down finish. And then he was there on Tuesday to do any final sanding and to prime everything and paint the ceiling.

I don't love it, but it's just a ceiling... It's better than popcorn and it is better for the noise than no texture at all. You can sort of tell in that first photo that it wasn't painted yet because you can see the variation in color of the low points from mudding and taping.

Because our house is so small, I think there would have been even a little bit of dust throughout, but because we did some work upstairs too, there was a lot of dust. I've tried to clean some areas, like I couldn't justify trying to cook in a dirty, dusty kitchen, but I'm leaving a lot of it for now. I can see under the furniture in the living room that the floor is covered in it, but I want to wait until I have the room to actually move the furniture and actually wash the floor. So, I guess my plain is to just do what I can for now. Once I can start to move stuff back downstairs, I'll clean those things before they are brought down and then clean the areas they were in as they go? I can't wait...!

Next up we should be wall paint and windows!

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