Thursday, March 20, 2014

Basement: Drywall.

Drywall was an extremely speedy process. I don't really have anything interesting to share... except a few photos of it all installed. A crew of 3 people came in and got it all done in about 4 hours.

The photo above shows what you see looking left at the bottom of the stairs. The door edge you see on the left edge of the photo is the door way into the utility room. The door way farther down goes into the bedroom.

This image is from the end in the previous photo. Doorway closest to the far wall is the laundry room. The lighter 'door way' in the middle is the stairs and closest to the right edge is the utility room again.

Turning to the left, you can see into the bedroom. I'm not very excited about how low the ceiling gets, but there was no way around it. In there is duct work for the cold air intake for upstairs. The plan right now is for that to be my office. If it ever becomes a bedroom, it would be a really small one and it would probably be for a kid. Our original plan was just to make it a small office.... no egress window, no closet. Because of some feedback from the appraiser, we decided to switch it to a legal bedroom. The additional cost for adding an egress window seemed worth it to us. The appraiser informed us that usually basements aren't considered finished living space (even when they are) unless there are two exits. That was something that we weren't willing to 'risk'.

This is in the bedroom from the doorway. On the left is the edge of the closet. The closet ceiling is also low to allow for duct work and the gas line. The egress window isn't in yet, but is supposed to be going in this weekend. Sorry for the crumby iPhone photos... Everything is further along than this now and I didn't get a chance to get in with a good camera. I'm also noticing how wide angle lens would be helpful...

At the other end of the basement, this is the doorway into the laundry room. That's our old sink that's on its way out. It is HUGE and heavy. Before it was between the washer and dyer. We will now have the washer moved over next to the dryer with the sink on the other side of the washer. The dryer is closest to the doorway, with that awesome Corgi magnet.

Here is more of a look into the laundry room. It's hard to take any photos with the sink, washer, and dryer in the middle of the room. That tiny cut out of light is the window... I'm not really sure why they didn't make a hole for the entire window. My only thought is that maybe they didn't know for sure how big it was supposed to be? Then there is the issue of the water softener cord coming through the wall to be plugged in. The electricians still need to come and add an outlet on the other side of that wall to plug it in... When discussing the utility room, we just sort of all forgot about electricity in there. So, there is no electrical for lighting either, which will be addressed at some point.

Next up mudding & tapping!

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