Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Painted front door.

Over the long weekend, I finally had a chance to paint the front door!

We had the color picked out quite a while ago. I already had the number plaque painted and installed. We used Behr Ultra paint from Home Depot. It's the kind with the paint and primer in one, which is my favorite. We did a satin finish in the outdoor paint. The final color is called Teal Zeal, which was not easy to pick out...

Since that photo, we've also had the screen door installed, which has been great with the nicer weather. I don't love the look of the screen door, but it is what it is. They help a lot here in Minnesota with the hugely varying temperature range we have from winter to summer for both protection and alleviation.

Anyways, I did some basic prep work for the door. Made sure it was cleaned up after it was exposed to the element for about 5 months. I taped off the windows so I didn't have a lot of clean up and I also taped off the weather stripping on the bottom to make sure I got a clean line.

I used a brush on the window framing and around the lock and handle, but used a foam roller as much as possible to keep the finish smooth.

Essentially it all got two coats of paint, maybe three in a couple spots. I excitedly pulled off the tape only to find out that there was a fair amount of bleed through to under. I also wasn't the most perfect painter, so there were a few thing white edges in a few spots by the glass. I just took the paint brush and touched up those spots not worrying too much about getting it on the glass since I already had to clean that up from the bleed through. I used a razor blade to carefully scrape away any paint from the glass.

Now we have a fantastically bright front door!

I found the pots at Target this spring. Somehow, they were a perfect match for the color I picked months before. Win! I may have also snagged the same pots, a hanging one and maybe a few pillows to match for the back.

We have some landscaping to address... as well as painting the foundation and addressing our cement issues that are currently happening. I'm not sure how much we'll get done in our few months of summer this year, but I'm hoping to tackle a good deal of it!

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