Monday, August 5, 2013

Mill Ruins Park, St. Anothony Falls, Stone Arch Bridge

Last Monday after work, I went with my sister and her boyfriend over the the Mill Ruins Park, St. Anthony Falls, Stone Arch Bridge area in Minneapolis to take some photos of them & my sister's very pregnant belly before she gives birth and he leaves for a few weeks to do his thing with Army for a few weeks. I, somehow, had never actually been in that area. It was actually very easy to get to and parking was not a problem, but that was probably because we got there before 5pm on a Monday. Most people are probably still at work then.

The area is fantastic though. I can't wait to get Bill down there and explore a little more. It was a little limiting with the pregnant sister. I think the photos turned out great (when I got the lighting right). I do not really think of myself as a photographer. I sort of know what I am doing and I do not have the best equipment, but sometimes I will cave in and do photos for someone. And really, how can I say no to my sister?

Here are a few scenery shots from the day...

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