Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Door Knobs.

There has been a lot going on... and as usual, stuff breaks. Early last week, our door knob broke. Awesome. In all honesty, we only use that door, the front door, to get the mail, food delivery, solicitors, and new visitors who don't know better. Sounds like a lot, but really it's mostly to get the mail.

This is the beaut that 'died' on us...

A cast piece in the mechanism that makes that little guy that sticks out the door go inside the door so it can open is what broke. The handle still turned... we had hoped we could just buy that piece that had the broken part and just swap that out. We're still working on getting a bunch of stuff done to the house and that includes a new front door. We are still not really sure exactly what it is we want in terms of front door knob styles, so we were really hoping to avoid buying a whole new knob.

That empty area is where the piece was that broke.

Per any home improvement project, we made our way to the store, this time Home Depot, to check out what they had. They did have just the mechanism for inside the handle, but it was for a different brand. Examining the two brands (the other one was what we had), it was obvious that 'not our brand' wouldn't work in the 'our brand' handle. Bummer.

Obligatory "dog helping" shot.
After a quick browse session, we opted to grab a super cheap out door knob that locked in the finish we currently have.

Installing the new knob.

We got it home and installed and bam! We now have a door that opens. Nothing pretty to look at, but it works for now....

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