Monday, June 24, 2013

Lack of Electricity.

We survived!

Over the weekend there were LOTS of storms and lots of power outages... Our power went out about 3:40am on Friday, but came back on around noon. Then it went out again that night at about 7:45pm. At that point I called the electric company to report the outage and to see if they had any idea when it would be back on. I got a generic 3 hour message. So, Bill and I went out and killed some time. We came back home around 10:30 and ate sandwiches and watched a movie on the laptop that thankfully was fully charged. Around midnight I called again and they said it would be 2 hours still.

When we got up in the morning, it still wasn't on. We got ready for the day and headed out to run a bunch of errands. Came back home around 3pm to it still out. So, we packed up all the fridge and freezer food to bring over to my mom's house. We spent a few hours over there charging our electronics (cell phones and laptops). Power outages wouldn't be a big deal (besides all the food going bad), but we don't have a land line. The possibility of being cut off from everything, especially just the basic phone call, is not appealing.

By the time we made it back home, the power was back on. But of course, if we had left the food in the fridge, it would have been days. They had been saying that it could be Tuesday at the latest and actually as of today, I read that Wednesday everyone should be back on.

I think we got really lucky. We had a couple of dead branches come out of the tree in back. They didn't hit anything and they needed to come down anyways. Driving around over the weekend to run our errands was interesting... Tons of trees and large branches down everywhere.

So, that was a lot of my weekend. We didn't get much done around the house because of it.

Hopefully you all out there made it through the storms this weekend if you're in the area.

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