Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kitchen Light Fixture

I got some cash for Christmas... which is great and not at the same time. I always want to make sure I spend it on something I want and don't need, rather than a necessity. So, on Saturday, after a long day of helping a friend move, I decided I wanted to go spend some of that money at Menards (so exciting, I know...). They had a couple things on sale that I was interested in and thought the money would be perfect for a couple of projects I've been wanting to get done. The main one was some shelving in what is currently my office. The post about it will hopefully be coming soon! I bought the stuff, we just have to get it all up and organized. They also had those roll out garbage can things for in a cabinet on sale for $15 (50% off!!!)... If you've ever looked into buying one, they're not normally that cheap. On a side note: I'm sure it's not anything great, but we're just using it for recycling and probably won't even actually roll it out half the time.

While we were there, I decided, why not check out the light fixtures. We still had/have a couple that we want to switch out. One of those was the 'fancy' globe light over the kitchen sink.

We already replaced the main fixture in the kitchen and I had been having a hard time finding something that would match it (just a mostly normal ceiling fan). I had been leaning towards a pendant style light that had a matching glass fixture and the same brushed nickle metal finish. After what seems like years, we found one!

Menards Flamenco Pendant Light

Exciting!? Right? It was almost the exact glass shape and color that I was looking for. This one was a little more 'white' and solid. It is simple with clean lines. No extras.

Here are a few shots from the day/night it went up.

It has a little bit of adjusting needed yet, but Bill claims he'll be doing that tonight... we'll see about that. Hopefully he can get it centered a little better, the box itself is not...

Here are a couple more shots from in the daylight the next day...

Anyways, the light is great! It provides so much more light than the old one. I can actually SEE the dishes I'm washing now. 

And now I need to rethink the curtain situation... I'm not really feeling all the white-ness going on. I think it might need some color and I don't think the two things should be ending at the same spot. Any ideas?

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