Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Behr!

Yesterday was Behr's 4th birthday! He's an old man now...

He started his day celebrating with a cupcake. A real cupcake... And a real cute party hat that he hated. He hates when things are touching his ears. Eating the cupcake was an interesting process. I put it on a plate so that he wouldn't make a mess, but then he wouldn't eat it off the plate because he knows he's not supposed to eat things on plates. So, we had to help him out some. I did take some video and hopefully I'll be able to edit it this week and get it posted (this is something I have zero experience in, so it might be a while or real bad).

Behr was spoiled rotten all day... he got a new toy, a new bone, and a pig's ear. He had an extremely busy day making sure his ear was eaten and the toy & bone were played with. He even helped get in the way of a couple projects we got done around the house.

And then at the end of the day, Behr told us exactly what he thought of hi party hat...

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