Sunday, January 22, 2012

Graphic Design - Now in Production

On Saturday Bill and I went and checked out 'Graphic Design - Now in Product' at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. It was the last weekend this exhibit was here and I wanted to check it out. It is traveling around, I'm not sure where it's headed next, but I would highly recommend it.

Here are just a few photos I snapped of some of the exhibit on my iPhone (not the best photos...). I should have really recorded info on artist, etc., but I neglected to do so. And these are just in the order I took them...

Part of the lobby area.

One of the exhibit entrances.

They had everything sectioned out in to deferent categories... I think this was posters.

The next few were in branding/logos.

I forget where exactly this group/company/organization is located. The name of it is SALT. Instead of having a logo developed, they opted for a font instead where parts of the letters S, A, L, & T were missing.

The best section. These first two photos remind me of taking letter form class in college, which was essentially drawing out fonts by hand. As much as I hated that class at the time, it really helped me learn more about fonts and helped that information to stick in my mind better.

I think this may have been the "main" entrance, but we never do anything right... Exterior shot coming up.

This was an area where they had this crazy "printer" that anyone could just type something out and the letters used stars. This "printer" or crazy hole punch machine, then punched those stars out of the sheet of paper. There was a really long line, so we didn't do that. Pictured below is this set up of makers with paper on top... the markers created different sizes and colors of dots on the paper. You can sort of see some on the wall to the right behind the woman.

That other entrance.

Walking towards the lobby area. That is Hennepin Ave outside.

The underground parking.

The exterior of the Walker Art Center.

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