Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Shopping: Exterior Lights

Exterior lights were a little easier in terms of picking them out. I knew more of what I wanted and just hoped that I could get Bill to agree. He's usually on board with everything my brain thinks up, unless it is super crazy or strange. He's also really good about seeing the end goal that I might be scheming up.

For the light, it ended up being more about price and size. We also want to add a light to the back of the house, so having a similar light in a smaller, less expensive model was a plus.

We originally tried to buy one brand through amazon, but a few days after I ordered the one for the front (small version for the back was on back order) I got a call from the company selling them that they were on back order until mid January at the earliest. Hoping we would need it well before then, we canceled the order and started hunting all over again.

We ended up going with a brand that Home Depot carries, the Eglo Riga Wall-Mount 2-Light Outdoor Cylinder Light Fixture. We also grabbed its little brother that is slightly shorter and only uses one light.

Home Depot  |  Eglo Riga Wall-Mount 2-Light Outdoor Stainless-Steel Cylinder Light Fixture
This post is real anticlimactic, but I'm leaving it at that. I want to post some other things before I "reveal" it installed because it will giveaway some other things. And we are actually still waiting for the back one to be installed because we had to have an electrician wire for it. Let's just say we are extremely excited to have light at the back door finally, as it is the one we mainly use for coming and going.

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