Monday, February 17, 2014

The Laundry Room Plan.

We are at a point in basement construction where we needed to start thinking about what it is actually going to look like. The family room and bedroom are fairly basic, we really only had to pick out carpet so far. We're doing recessed lighting in the family room, but we did have to pick out a bedroom light (more on lighting another time).

Everything in the laundry room basically came down to the tile. While I found some 12 x 24 tiles that I loved for under $2 per square foot, there is a floor drain in the middle of the floor with a large sloping space all around. We figured that going with a mosaic would work best because there was some movable room within that 12 x 12 space. The problem with mosaics is that most are made for walls and most of them run about $8-12 per square foot. That would add up insanely fast.

After doing rounds at Menard's and Home Depot and becoming extremely frustrated, we somehow stumbled across the Thrifty Decor Chick blog's post about her laundry room floor. Seriously, go check out how awesome her floors turned out! The tiles she chose were something that I had seen and was interested in but didn't really know if it was the style I wanted. At $2.57 a square foot it was really the best option. But seeing her floor installed with the gray grout totally had me sold.

Choosing the tile helped land us here...

  1. KASSETT Box with Lid, Green
  2. PRĂ„GEL Countertop
  3. AKRUM Base Cabinet with Shelves, White, Abstrakt Gray
  4. American Olean Sausalito White Ceramic
We also want to install some cabinetry and make sure that we get a good amount of storage out of the laundry room, so we had been planning on going with Ikea cabinets. I really wanted to decide on the flooring first to see where we landed to choose cabinets that worked well with that. I had been dreaming about Ikea's white Abstrakt doors with shiny red front loaders awhile back. We ended up going with just plain old white front loaders when the time came, but I still love the Abstrakt doors. While they are the most expensive style doors they sell, I got a push from the husband that I should really go with what really want so I don't regret it later. We also want to sneak in a Pax wardrobe too for some hanging storage, as our old house is very limited in the closet department. The Pax wardrobe happens to have shiny gray doors of a different name that come in the sliding style. Perfect.

So, the dark cabinets don't make things too dark (I don't think they will), we plan on topping them off with a simple white laminate counter top. I have some great mint green accessories that I've been gathering in hopes to use in the laundry room, hence the green boxes. I'm not crazy about the style but it helps to give it the right feel and not seem so clinical with the whites and grays at the moment.

Over the weekend, we went and picked up all the tiles we will need. It required a stop at two different Lowe's stores to get them all, but we're ready whenever we can get in and get that done. Let's hope that lands nicely on a weekend (hopefully next!) and we can get it all done.

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