Thursday, January 16, 2014

Shopping: Mailboxes

Doing this work on our home really requires a lot of choices and shopping.

Do you want this in 4in or 6in? Would you like this in gray or white? Have you picked out your storm doors yet? And it goes on and on...

The mailbox was one of the many things we had to pick out and it was actually probably the most difficult. There wasn't anything that really caught my eye. Everything was too something... too art deco-y, too ornate, too you name it.

Here were some of the contenders...

  1. Umbra Postino Wall-Mount Mailbox, Stainless Steel
  2. Gibraltar Mailboxes D'elegance Steel Horizontal Wall Mount Mailbox
  3. Restoration Hardware Hardware Horizontal Mailbox, Stainless Steel
  4. Metro Wall Mount Mailbox, Aluminum and Acrylic
  5. Home Locking Wall Mount Mailbox, Stainless Steel
While our house is mid century and that's something we love, that style doesn't rule our lives. We like to keep it mid century with hint of modern and a whole lot of "us." At first I didn't want to pay a ton for a mailbox, really meaning more than something at Home Depot would cost. After searching stores and the internet, I (and we) weren't thrilled with what we found.

What did we pick? Clean lined #3 from Restoration Hardware.

Restoration Hardware  |  Horizontal Mailbox
Restoration Hardware happens to be located an easy 10-15 minutes away from home, so last week we zipped over there quick to hope they had them in store so we could check it out. They did not, so we just went ahead and ordered it. Worst case scenario, we could always return it and we needed it as soon as we could get it. (It's also available in a vertical orientation for those who like that style better.)

It arrived yesterday and still needs to be installed, but I think it's going to look fantastic! It's really great to see things starting to come together. While the outside isn't even done and won't technically be finished until spring when I can paint the front door, I am amazed by what I see. I honestly thought our house would never look so good...

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