Thursday, November 7, 2013

Minnesota's Largest Candy Store

Who doesn't like candy? My husband Bill LOVES candy. He goes for more of the fruity stuff, where I tend to go for the chocolate. To put a downer on a post about candy, my husband and I had a family funeral to attend to about 3 hours away. I knew that we would pass by this place twice that day and I figured it would be a great way to make the day a little less depressing.

Minnesota's Largest Candy Store is in Jordan, MN right on Highway 169 close to Emma Krumbie's (yum!). Unfortunately, they don't seem to have a website… but if you Google them, there is definitely info out there about it.

Please excuse the not so awesome cell phone photos, but you get the idea.

Besides having candy, they have a ton of other things. This was right before Halloween, so they had pumpkins too. They also have a ton of different flavors of pop (or soda… whatever you may call it), fresh pies, meats, apples, carmel apples, and puzzles.

There was a lot of normal, everyday candy and a fair amount of stuff that you've never heard of… But there is just table after table FULL of candy. Bill was definitely overwhelmed when we walked in. It was something I've never seen from him before. The man didn't know what to do...

They also had an entire section devoted to bacon flavored things. While I love bacon and it sort of sounds interesting, bacon and candy just don't go together for me. Sadly, we passed on everything in this section.

There was also a fair amount of things that were "normal," but had funky packaging. I don't know about you, but I've never seen Hershey's bars look ilk that.

We also discovered some candy named after us! :) Okay, not really, but I can pretend… We totally went for the Potato Chip Chocolate Bar above, but I actually think that the Chocolate Covered Potato Chips might have been even tastier… There wasn't quite enough potato chip happening in the chocolate bar for me.

Lastly, here is our basket of goodies. I'm know that we definitely added a few more things before we made it out the door. Everything was actually fairly tasty. Well, I'm not so sure about that bag of fake blood… That was something Bill brought to work as a joke.

It is definitely a place to check out if you're in the area. ESPECIALLY if you have kids. But an FYI, they only take cash, but also have a few ATMs around.

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