Monday, July 2, 2012

4th of July Food Label Cards


Last week while a was looking around on pinterest, I came across a cute idea. Now that I decided to branch off of that idea, I can't seem to find the thing that I originally found to share... oops.

The thing on pinterest was place cards with just a cute red/white striped (or maybe it was red sparkly) ribbon across the top of the card. I don't know if it had been made for people or what I am planning on using mine for.

For our 4th of July party, we usually cook up/provide the basics - hamburgers, hot dogs, drinks, etc. Then, everyone else brings a dish to share - potluck! We also have a few family members that have food allergies, mainly two to gluten and one to peanuts (deathly, not as harsh to other nuts). I figured it would be easier to have all of the dishes labeled this year. So, I wanted to take the pinterest idea and make it work for us...

  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Place Cards - $3.99 at Michael's
  • Red/White/Blue Ribbon - 50% off at Michael's - $2.49

I stated off by just cutting up some of the ribbon. I *needed* 3 inches, but I cut it at about 5 inches. That way, I had room to fold over and cut off any extra and I didn't need to be super precise. Also, then the unfinished edges would be "hidden" inside the card.

Then, I just put down a strip of hot glue along the one side. It's best to use just a little. Too much equals lumps and burns... I made sure to face the ribbon so it was in the red, white, and blue order. Just try to make sure it pushed down to the paper well, that helps flatten the 'lumps' that can be created by the hot glue. I made sure to leave extra hanging off to I could fold it under.

After, I flipped the card over and glued down the loose end. You can see in the photo below how I used too much... All you really need is a tiny dot and I found that closer to where the ribbon folds is better, then you can 'squish' it up towards the end.

Then, the I glued the ribbon down on the 'back' of the card. Same as the front, just a thing strip of hot glue down the middle of where the ribbon will lay.

Cut off some of the extra ribbon. Not too much though, because you want to be able to fold it over again, so it looks finished. Again, less glue is better.

And you have a finished card! We plan on writing everything onto the cards by hand because we're not entirely sure what people are bringing. 

Update: In action...

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