Thursday, September 22, 2011

Garage Cabinets.

Last night we installed some cabinets. I only wish it was in my kitchen and they were new...

My mom has been redoing her kitchen. She asked if we would like any of her old cabinets for anything and assistance with installation. I thought the garage would be a perfect place. I'm pretty sure you can never have too much storage in your garage. Well, maybe if there is so much you can't park your car in it.

The whole process went fairly smoothly, but it did take a few hours... for only 3 cabinets. Our garage is a strange place... Someone decided to put up these extra braces so that it wouldn't fall over? And to cover the back wall in scrap ply wood. We had to pull some of it off for the one cabinet. It wasn't fastened well and we needed to find the studs. The plywood that was pulled off had some pretty awesome floral wall paper on the back... My guess is that it was from in our basement. It looks as though someone had "finished" it at one point and then ripped it all out.

Luckily we had some extra dry wall from doing the bathroom to put up behind the cabinets. That way stuff doesn't fall out the cabinets. The downside is that it was mold resistant dry wall, so it's green. And now we have random green walls in the corner...

Anyways. They're up. Not fancy or anything, but there up there. I also like that this prompted a garage cleaning. The car made it back in last night, but we still have some moving around to do.

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