Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Guest Bedroom - Getting Somewhere!

After the basement was basically finished, we moved my office down to the new bedroom in the basement. It was what we intended to do and the move was pretty easy. Transition wise, I don't hear if anyone is at the front door and I can't really see anything going on in the neighborhood. So, those things aren't awesome, but everything else has been good.

This move left the 'old office' open and in weird state of mess and empty. It was also in a very vibrant shade of blue. I've never really posted pics of the office during that time... I'm sure I have some floating around in a folder somewhere, but here is a shot from the garland I made for my sister's baby shower last year.

Over the summer (and fall too now), I've been scoping my favorite vintage shops for some things... I haven't found anything I can't live without. I did find a few accessories though. I think that the plan is to get a bed in there, a twin or double, and get the free, road side desk fixed up and in there. Beyond that, a big comfy chair would be nice.

The room has/had some issues. The baseboards were about a half inch off the floor to allow for carpet at some point. One portion of baseboard actually happened to be split, so that added to the not looking good. The floors in this room are the worst in the house too. I'm hoping that with actual furniture, it will be less bad.

At some point over the summer, I grabbed a gallon of Behr's Aqua Smoke from Home Depot, which other bloggers seem to find fantastic. It was in the range of a mint/aqua that I was looking for and just went for it. I think it turned out great.

Unfortunately, my photos are a little strangely colored. It gets dark out at like 4:30, so it's hard to get some natural light photos, which always look best. And then when it has been daytime, where there would normally be daylight, it's been cloudy and darkish anyways. The light fixture is also partially to blame for the color... more on that in a minute.

After that, I found a little mid-century style stool at target for huge clearance. This added another color, orange. This mixes in well with some ideas floating around in my head that I'm still not too certain about.

Not too long after that, I ended up ordering West Elm's Mid-Century Wooden Rod. Seriously LOVE it! A part of me wishes these were around when I was working on the living room, but I do love the ones in the living room too. I curtain shopped for what seemed like forever. I was leaning towards a nice navy blue but I couldn't find anything I liked -- plain, solid in color, no tab tops, long enough, and didn't break the bank. For some reason or another, I ended up at sheers. I ordered these ones on Amazon. They came in multiple lengths, were very affordable, and had good reviews.

I only came across one hitch with the curtains... the slot sewn into the top of the curtains was too small for my rods. So, I flipped them upside down for now and have them through the bottom hem. I am currently going back and forth on using the rings with clips for the first time. The curtains would sit nicely on both sides of the wall mount bracket if I did and they could be "right side up," something only I will notice.

Last week, we FINALLY got the curtains up and the other night had the in-law's nail gun for the night and got the baseboards back in and at the right height! HORAY!

I still have a lot to do... The light fixture below desperately needs to be swapped out. I'm totally already on top of that. There are also some patches that need to happen on the walls (curtain rod mishap), nail holes to fill on the baseboards (old and new), and paint to touch up everywhere. Even so, it finally looks like a room and not so much of a hot mess!

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