Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Exterior Colors Part 2.

I want to rewind a second... and go back to my last post about the exterior colors. I figured it would be beneficial to explain where I'm going and where I'm sort of getting my ideas.

Paradise Palms: Some mid century paint colors
A while back, I came across the above on Pinterest, which is some Sherwin Williams (online the file say Sherman?) paint colors from back when. If you click the image it will enlarge and you can see the color names better. Because I knew I wanted a gray, I thought of this. The main color for the upper right color palette is Westchester Gray. Because we are limited by what the siding company has, we chose their Charcoal Smoke. Not exact, but close-ish. At least close enough to make me happy.

This 'possible palettes' color sheets also brings up some other great colors. While that Westchester Gray is matched up with Chelsea Gray and Stratford Blue, I'm really feeling that Burma Jade down the page. My first thought for a door color was for something along those lines, it was inspired by some furniture that I saw awhile back (can't remember where...) that was close to that color. I think the Burma Jade would give a great splash of color to the front of the house. (That Harvest Gold would look pretty awesome too!)

While I love mid century design, colors, etc. and our house, I'm not sure that this is our forever home. While I would love for everything to be more period appropriate, I don't want to put in too many permanent things that will make it difficult to sell later on down the road if that's what we choose to do. Our bathroom is a great example of this, especially since it wasn't the original bathroom anyways.

I think next up, we need to make a trip to the paint store and get some of those paint swatches and figure out what will work best. I do have a feeling I will have to wait until spring to paint though... it's getting cold here really fast.

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