Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June Wrap Up

SURPRISE! It's July already...

This month, we had our gas meter moved from inside to outside, which is awesome for finishing the basement! Behr slept a lot, as usual. We lost power from the crazy storms. I did some sewing. And I went to a bachelorette party at the Cannon River Winery in Cannon Falls, MN for a good friend, Tyree.

June's To Do List...
  • Gather new 4th of July decorations
  • Invite people!
  • YARD WORK! When isn't there yard work to be done?
  • Hopefully get this whole bank thing rollin' -- get house appraised
  • Fix up visual blahs around the house
    • Caulk what needs caulking -- new nail holes, weird spaces/cracks in molding
    • Address the hole in the kitchen ceiling  -- hopefully finishing this up today/tomorrow
    • Fix kitchen paint
    • Possible remove grout between counter and back splash, replace with caulk
    • Re-caulk bathtub -- will be doing this tomorrow after we shower
I got most things done / will have them done for the 4th which was more my goal.

July's To Do List...
  • Throw a fresh coat of paint on the basement stairs if basement construction is not under way.
  • Remove grout between count and back splash, replace with caulk
  • Work on the quilt I'm secretly making for my sister's baby -- I either plan to have it done for the shower at the end of the month or for the birth at the end of August... We'll have to see how it goes.
  • Baby shower decorations, foods, etc. -- This is underway, but I've mostly been focused on the 4th of July stuff.
  • Possibly get to / start some furniture projects I have. 
 And now I have lots of baking to get started for tomorrow... Wish me luck! I'm testing out a cake recipe on the 4th of July people for the baby shower... Hopefully it turns out fantastic!

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