Monday, December 17, 2012

Glitter Everywhere.

Recently, Young House Love posted Forget Mini-Me, Check Out Mini Tree with a great idea on using Target's $1 (double 'pack') ornaments to create a garland type decoration. So, yesterday I just happened to be in Target's Christmas section when I remembered the post and thought that I could totally do something like that for the windows in our living room. We do not really have a ton of Christmas decorations and I try to go through the clearance every year, but we really just have lights, ornaments, and a couple random things to put out.

Target's Christmas section is starting to become picked through, so they did not have everything... but I found some snow flakes in gold and red that go great with our color scheme that we already have going on.

I bought 3 'sets' of red and 2 of the gold for two windows. My thought process was to do alternating red and gold, using mostly red so it stood out more.

Last year I bought this green ribbon for some other Christmas projects and there was more than enough left to use for both of the windows. I pretty much just guestimated the length, holding it up to the window, giving it some slack so it hung down some and then gave it a bunch more length just in case and to be able to tie it up on the ends.

Before I really even started, I had a giant glitter mess. We will be covered, or at least our feet, in glitter for awhile because I'm sure by now we have tracked it everywhere. 

To attach, I just used the string that the ornaments came with. But... because the red ones came with silver, I used the gold that came on the gold ones to attach all of the ornaments. I had to untie the strings and cut up those so there were enough for all 10 ornaments.

Then I found the center and tied on the first red ornament. I just tied on the ornaments normally, scrunching the ribbon. I knew that if I tried to make it nice and orderly or perfect, I would just go insane. After, I just sort of found a spot where the next ones would look good in terms of spacing. I then folded the ribbon in half at the center ornament to find the other side of the center. Finally, I did the same for the 4th & 5th ornaments.

For the second string, I just laid it over the first and matched up the spacing. I then 'melted' the ends of the ribbon for both. I trimmed the extra string from tying on the ornaments and thought it would be a good idea to melt those ends to. Not so much. Not knowing what the string was made of, it created a small fire, which was easily blown out. Let's just say I didn't melt the ends of any more

When they were both all done, I tied knots in the ends to hang from the weird curly ends of the curtain rod (they came with the house...). I had to untie and retie due to not enough length the first time. Once I got it figured out, I just matched up the second one to be similar, as both windows are the same size.

And... TA DA...

Super easy and quick. And I think they look great and are easy to use again.

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