Saturday, December 22, 2012

2012 Christmas Cards

Christmas cards might be my favorite part of Christmas. I think that out side of the house hold family, there should be no gifts, just awesome Christmas cards. I especially love the ones with photos from those people we don't get to see often. Therefore, I prefer to give photo Christmas cards as well. The only thing is... usually the people at least have a child. We just have Behr the Corgi... While he is cute and wonderful and everyone loves him, not everyone has met him still, so... Everyone gets a card with mine and Bill's cute faces. :) And this year, a small one of the three of us on the back.

This is the second year we've ordered our cards through My Publisher now. They have such fantastic designs that it's always hard to choose. AND they always have some sort of special/discount on Christmas cards, making one of the best priced places.

I always love the 'unveiling'...

This year, the front is a photo from Carissa Christine Photography. We did a "mini session" in mid November, mostly for the Christmas card and partially to hopefully start a yearly family photo tradition. All of our photos were great and it was *really* hard to pick... Check out the preview of our session.

On the back is a photo of Bill, Behr and I that my little sister took for one of her photography classes. She's currently going to school at the University of Minnesota for photography. We are often her test subjects/models and it's totally worth it because we've gotten some great photos out of it and she's constantly improving. I can't wait to see where she goes with it!

To wrap it all up... MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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