Thursday, September 6, 2012

Vegas Baby! | Day 2

Our second day in Vegas started way too early... after very little sleep... We went to breakfast at Hash House a Go Go. It was amazing. I had the largest pancake ever. And now I want pancakes... After that we waited for the arrival of my other sister-in-law and we got ready and walked all the way to the MGM to go to Wet Republic... We didn't think it would be that far, must a mere 2 miles. I think the walk might have been my favorite part of the whole weekend.... seeing everything on foot. Buildings, stores, bums.

Walking through the pool area of MGM to get to the Wet Republic pool.

Wet Republic: The most insane pool I've ever been to...

Walking back to the Imperial Palace, evening traffic.

The Cosmopolitan.

The Bellagio.

Out on the town, after dinner.

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