Thursday, March 15, 2012

Prospect Park Water Tower.

The Prospect Park Water Tower is something that I've seen probably a million times and never gotten close. It was just in an area I had never really explored too much... close to so many things, but never sure exactly where it was located (at least without looking it up).

Bill and I had gone to check out a vintage shop close to the U of M (University of Minnesota - Twin Cities for those who aren't locals). When we went to leave we went further into the neighborhood behind the shop and suddenly, there it was. So, we parked, got out and hiked up the hill to check it out and enjoy this fantastic spring weather we've been having...

Prospect Park Water Tower / The Witch's Hat Water Tower Plaque

Sadly, there is lots of graffiti... This was probably the "best" graffiti there... 
Winnie the Pooh Graffiti
Looking Up
Bill looking up from where I took the previous photo.
The View of Minneapolis

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