Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas cards.

I don't think I ever really appreciated how great Christmas cards were growing up. I think now, in my adult life, that Christ mas cards may be my favorite part of Christmas. I just love seeing the family photos and getting those letters sharing all their year's adventures.

For the past few years I have actually been sending my own cards, I've just done regular purchased Christmas cards. This year, I decided that we should put our fantastic wedding photos from Carissa Christine Foetoegrafie to good use. So, we used My Publisher to have photo cards printed. We're not quite to the letter stage in life. It was an eventful year for us, but not really a whole letter eventful. Plus all of the people we sent cards to were at or invited to the big event.

All of our cards have been sent out now, probably not all received yet though. I figured I would share how they turned out and to highly recommend our photographer and My Publisher! Plus, if you're on My Publisher's emailing list, they send out lots of great deals! If I remember correctly, I received 10 cards free and 30% off the additional ones I ordered.

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