Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Bathroom.

The bathroom was one of the things that I was not wild about when we bought our house. I would have been completely fine (probably even excited) over an original 1950's bathroom in any of the crazy colors, but this was a 90's blue color. Ick. Really ick.

We decided that we would make this an over time project, one thing at a time. The first thing to go was the tiles all around the bathroom. We thought that it would be easy enough to pull out all the tiles, except the tub surround, and put in new dry wall.

We then bought new towel bars, toilet paper holder, a new toilet and vanity/sink/faucet. Those we installed right away and slowly worked on the drywall seams. Bill's dad noticed our lack of progress and offered to help us do the floor one weekend.

The floor was probably actually the worst thing. At one point, the toilet had leaked, so all of the tiles around the front of the toilet had started popping up. The grout always looked dirty because of the color that was used.

Tiling was difficult because we only have on bathroom. The tear out was ok. The tiles had been laid down right on top of the plywood, so we were able to just pull out the plywood with the tiles still attached. Luckily the water damage from the previously leaking toilet only damaged the plywood and the not the subfloor.

We also had purchased a cheap tile cutter from Home Depot when we bought the tiles. This little thing ended up working a lot better than I expected. It was a semi-slow process, but it got the job done. We were able to do the tear out and laying of almost all of the tiles in one day (Saturday). We ended up saving a few tiles until the next morning. I wish we had just finished it that night so that the last couple would have been able to fit a little better. Sunday night I was able to start the grouting.

I think the floor turned out fantastic. The bathroom looks like a completely different room already, even though there is a lot left to do. I still need to paint and address the edge of the tub tiles, which will just be temporary until we can retile the entire tub surround. 

We're also still on a hunt for a light fixture that we actually like...

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