Friday, April 15, 2011

Back Entry.

One of the other things I didn't like about our house when we bought it was the kitchen floor. It was actually the reason I didn't even want to look at the house. It's this light wood colored laminate flooring... It just looks weird with the rest of the house having real 1950's hard wood floors.

Anyways, this laminate flooring was also in the back entry way. It's really just a small about 3 ft by 3 ft spot right when you walk in the door. Since we've moved in, the floor has started to warp. Probably from the large amounts of water that end up coming in during the winter off of the shoes and boots. After the fairly easy bathroom floor and the left over tiles, I figure it would be easy enough to do the same there.

I ripped out the laminate...

Only to find more laminate...
It was really ugly laminate might I add - yellowy and bumpy. The top layer of laminate was easy to pull out, because it was in multiple pieces. The second layer of laminate was in one big piece and wedged in very tightly. We had to pry it up with a crow bar and then cut it in half in order to pull it out.

After that came out, we had to lay down new plywood and cement board.

After that, we had to cut down the tiles a little to fit in, making use of our tile cutter again. I laid the tiles...

Unfortunately, laying tiles made it very clear that that little square landing was in fact, not square. There was a lot of moving around of the tiles to make them fit in straight. We also added tiles to the rise part of the landing that goes into the kitchen to help against getting drywall wet.

We grouted. Cut some new trim. Replaced that fabulous shiny brass stair edge with a chrome/nickel one, as well as added one to the edge by the door to help with the gap and to cover up that weird strip of unfinished wood that's part of the door.

I don't have finished pictures *yet* because I still have a couple things to do... fix the wall paint, finish with the caulking and installing the piece we bought for the stair edge going down into the basement.

Next items on the list.... paint those ugly stairs and hopefully a new door! I would love one with a full window and cellular blinds inside the window panes, along with a screen door with the full window...

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