Thursday, December 5, 2013

We have windows!

The new windows are in! And they are amazing. We had a cold couple days, but they are already worth it. All of the windows are the same size as the old ones, but the new ones have so much more glass space. It's fantastic. While we're missing trim and everything still and we are rocking make-shift curtains, the difference in sound and warmth is huge already.

The biggest effort on our part at this point was taking down all blinds & curtains and moving furniture out of the way. It was nice because all the curtains got a wash, but then they all needed to be ironed. In all honesty, I'm not done with that part yet…

That photo helps to show exactly how horrible our windows can be. That is what we used to wake up to in the morning. Fun stuff.

Besides exciting things like no cold breezes in the winter, actually being able to keep the windows open in the summer, and not having them get so frosted up…. we will actually have unified trim! HORAY! I can't tell you how exciting that is for me. While I thought we only had 3 different styles of trim on the main floor, I'm pretty sure we actually had four. Two were just the same style with one different pieces. We've opted to go with what the original style was in the house. So, similar to below. I'm not 100% sure how that bottom piece will look yet. I'm sure the "design" won't be dead on. But we've also had to look at weird cutouts like on this window since we've moved in too… I'm not sure now someone even did that.

Sorry for the gainy-ness of that one. That was my one chance to take a quick shot with the iPhone before it was ripped out.

Installation day was very cold…

… as there large gaping holes in our house.  But totally worth it. Also, please excuse the messing kitchen. Keeping it real here. Things got crazy that day. And MESSY.

I do still need to take some photos of them installed.

Next up: siding removal!

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