Saturday, October 6, 2012

Camping at Interstate State Park | Part 3

Hiking from our campsite to the Glacial Potholes and then some exploring...
The resizing on here kills the quality of some of the photos, so click to see the full size.

Erin & Cathryn with Stella

Behr, Bill & I

Stella, Kathryn, & Justin

Bill with one very tired Behr

Justin & Erin

Small pothole

Kid at the edge of a pothole.

Justin, Stella, Kathryn, Erin, & Cathryn

Buds - it reminds me of how little kids still pose in photos :)

Cathryn headed down into The Bake Oven

Bill & Behr

Cathryn & Kathryn


Everyone: Bill, Behr, Me, Kathryn, Stella, Justin, Cathryn, & Erin


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