Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Cake wasn't one of my most important things... but when I found this cake over at OnceWed, I fell in love. I generally like simple, clean, straight lines. Nothing too ornate. This cake was perfect. 

I knew the strawberry buttercream frosting wouldn't work out for me, so we went with Vanilla. I did also pick up a cake stand because I loved how this looked so much. I found one on Amazon for an ok price (around $30). I actually had it on a registry with hopes that someone might buy it for us. And I actually can't wait to use it again at home... I may need to start baking more.

We actually just brought this photo into WholeFoods and told them what we wanted. They said the layers wouldn't be as tall but that it was no problem. I can't remember exactly how much it cost but I'm fairly certain it was just over $20. Fantastic. 

We also had those really cute birds for the top...

I really hope there are more pictures of it, which I can't wait to see the rest of!

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